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Baresquare NFT


For those of us who follow all the latest tech developments, it is safe to assume that you’ve heard about the new crypto craze, NFTs.

You heard that an artist called Beeple has been selling jpegs and that the Nyan cat meme was purchased as a rare art piece, and even that Jack Dorsey sold the first-ever Tweet! The list goes on and on.

And you’re probably thinking the same thing as everyone else:

  1. 1.Who in the world are these people, and
  2. 2.Should I get in on all the fun?

We decided to stop wondering and mint our own NFTs, and we wanted to bring you along for the ride. We hope you find this glimpse into the future of collectibles, art, and trading fascinating and stay with us on this journey.

We are excited to try it out and share it with you.

Sincerely yours,

The Baresquare team

A crash course on NFTs

The "If not now" NFT

We can start today, we can start now, we can start where we are, as we are, we can start with what we have. Each moment is excel-ent.

An excel-ent moment, with excel-ent art for an excel-ent year.

Because: =if(the_time<>now,when?)

The artist

Created by Greek independent artist The Rabbit Knows, a cartoonist from Greece that creates cartoons of satirical, philosophical, and political nature.

He first struck a chord of interest with us when we saw his series of Excel pixel art.

Georgios Grigoriadis
Founder & CEO, Baresquare


I immediately felt a connection to the work of The Rabbit Knows.

I see symbolism in his work, because much like us, who used to spend our entire lives depending on Excel spreadsheets to try and interpret millions of cells of data, he has now moved forward, and created a way for us to appreciate the Excel environment as a beautiful medium of art.

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